We help patients make the best decision for their circumstances. At Natomas Ortho, we provide an orthodontic experience unlike other Orthodontists through innovative treatments, modern (the latest) techniques, attention to detail, and a family-friendly environment.

Your child (or adult) will smile confidently with early, preventative interventions and better long-term results. Our patients benefit from the most modern techniques and materials available in the marketplace today, which include:

  • Low-profile metal brackets
  • Nearly-invisible cosmetic clear braces
  • Invisalign—clear, comfortable, removable aligners for adults and teens
  • iTero digital scanning for improved accuracy and reduced need for molds
  • Nickel-titanium wires for comfort and improved tooth movement
  • Advanced sterilization procedures for maximum patient safety


Your orthodontic journey should be easy.

From scheduling your first appointment to getting your braces or Invisalign off – we are the go-to practice for busy families.


Gone are the days of painful headgear, clunky bands on every tooth, and overly tight stainless-steel wires. Today’s orthodontic treatment is much more comfortable than it used to be.

Natomas Ortho moves your teeth using gentle, continuous forces. That means no wire tightening and often less time in braces.


With a variety of low-down-payment and no down payment options with 0% interest, you can afford high-quality orthodontic treatment!

Flexible Scheduling

You can make appointments in the early morning and late afternoon, so you should not have to miss work or school routinely.

Open Door Policy 

You’re always welcome to come into the treatment area with your child.

Dentists Choose Natomas Ortho

When dentists choose an orthodontist for their own family, they trust Natomas Ortho. We have treated many dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants, along with their spouses and children.